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Is Founderscard Worth The Hefty Annual Fee?

written by Matt September 3, 2015
**Use code FCMATTHEW084 for a $395 annual fee (savings of $200).
For those who don’t know, Founderscard is a club aimed at entrepreneurs (although you don’t actually need to own your own business to join). They partner with hotels, airlines, rental car services, health clubs, high end clothing retailers and many, many more to offer its members discounts, complimentary elite status and more.
I’ve personally been a FoundersCard member since 2013 and often get asked if its benefits are worth the hefty fee. Personally, I feel the cards benefits severely outweigh the annual fee making it worth it for me. However, this may not be true for everyone. Let break it down:
Annual Fee – $595 ($395 with code FCMATTHEW084)

Explore all the benefits of Founderscard. Use code FCMATTHEW084

Benefits –

Benefits are broken down into 4 categories
  1. Hotels – Discounts on high end hotels worldwide
  2. Lifestyle – Clothing, furniture, health clubs, car discounts, spas, etc.
  3. Travel – Airfare discounts, complimentary elite status, rental car discounts and more
  4. Business – Software discounts, office equipment discounts, shipping discounts, etc
In addition, FoundersCard has events all over the globe for its members to network. You have free access to these.

Is It Worth It?

To answer this question you’ll need to weigh the benefits vs. the cost of membership.
If you travel consistently then it’s worth it. With Founderscard you not only receive discounted airfare but complimentary elite status with certain airlines (for example, Cathay Pacific). American Airlines offers a new benefit quarterly. Using its some sort of status challenge that is incredibly easy to achieve! Rental cars as well. You receive elite status with most chains in addition to discounts.
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Free Hilton Gold Status is just the beginning!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.23.33 PM

Founderscard Premier Hotel Partners!

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