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Lounge Review – Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Clubhouse – London Heathrow (LHR)

written by Matt September 29, 2016

This Place Is Cool

Virgin Atlantic is known for being different, stylish and hip and their flagship lounge in London Heathrow is no exception. This place is nice! Complete with its own deli/bakery, the place has everything – including its own barber shop and massage parlor! Whats even better than the amenities is the amount of space for sitting. There are plenty of little nooks and rooms all over to make sure everyone has a place to rest before their journey.

First Things First – How do I Gain Access?

Entry is simple.

Have an upperclass ticket on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Thats it. This lounge is also not accessible through a lounge program, like Priority Pass. To get in you better have an upper class ticket.

Private Security

Maybe the most overlooked benefit to this lounge is the private security for upper class passengers. After all, TSA Pre does not exist in the UK and if you’ve ever gone through standard security at London Heathrow (it sucks), having your very own private security is very convenient. Unfortunately for us, the line was a bit long. Still better than the normal lines!

virgin atlantic upper class security

Private security line was LOOOOONG


  • Deli/bakery
  • Massage parlor
  • Barber Shop
  • Full service restaurant (serving all meals of the day, including tea time)
  • Plenty of sitting areas
  • Full service bar
  • Massive TV viewing area
  • Gaming area with full sized pool table
  • Large selection of worldwide newspapers
  • Private boarding calls
  • Full service Virgin Atlantic agents
  • Waiter service pretty much everywhere you sit
  • More! I’m probably missing something

The Lounge

My wife and I had a morning flight back home to Chicago so we had to arrive relatively early to Heathrow. If you paid for the upper class ticket, you’re eligible for a free chauffeur in a Mercedes to the airport from your hotel or residence in London. They’ll bring you directly to the upper class wing and your boarding pass will be waiting for you. Since we used miles, we didn’t get to enjoy that perk.


After checking bags and going through private security, we made our way through terminal 3, shopped a bit in true Heathrow fashion, then made our way to the lounge. After confirming our upper class status, we were given a brief tour of the lounge. Then, we were free to do whatever we wanted. We first took a seat at “the deli” (basically just a seating area designated for those who want to eat) for breakfast. I ordered up a cappuccino (delish) and some pancakes with bacon (unbelievable delish). Other dining options include a full bakery with pastries, jams, meats, yogurts, a full waiter service with small nibbles, etc.

You can pretty much order anything you want from anywhere in the lounge. Or, you can just pop a squat at the massive bar. Whatever and wherever you decide, the service is great and the food/drink options are fantastic!


The bathrooms, well the men’s at least, are beautifully maintained, peaceful and clean. With bathrooms at each end of the lounge, you won’t have to venture out into the terminal to go.


Maybe what I look most out of this lounge is the seating options. There are plenty of areas for every kind of mood. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, head upstairs to “the loft”  where there are nice loungers, books and magazines ready for your perusal. Fancy some TV? Venture over to the massive TV area with plenty of TVs. Feeling sporty? There’s a full sized pool table just behind the TV area.

Need a Cut

This may be the only lounge in the world with a full service barber shop.


Grab a massage at the Clubhouse Spa.


The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class lounge certainly is an escape from the hustle and bustle that is Heathrow International. If you’re flying Upper Class out of Heathrow, I highly suggest arriving an hour or two early to check it out. You will not be disappointed. I certainly wish I had more time in the lounge!

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