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My 5 Carry-On Necessities

written by Matt October 3, 2016

When it comes to traveling, long or short haul, we all have our routines, superstitions (I have to buy a Sprite before boarding, don’t ask why) and gear we absolutely need to ensure an enjoyable journey. Here are my travel essentials:


Noise Canceling Headphones

bose quietcomfort 20

I’m someone that absolutely needs his headphones on a trip. Before buying a set of noise canceling headphones, I didn’t know what I was missing. I was skeptical that a pair of headphones that cost hundreds of dollars will really be any different than the pair that comes with my iPhone. I was wrong. They make a world of difference. I highly suggest picking some up before your next flight. Whether it’s to watch a movie, listen to music or just block out the loud engines or terminal noise – I need my Bose noise canceling headphones.


Carry-on Luggage

22060d2_main_tGrowing up, my family would always check bags. After all, it is nice to be able to walk around the terminal and board without a huge piece of luggage. That all changed when US Airways lost my bag on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Having your luggage lost sucks and is completely out of your control. I decided then and there that I’d never check a bag again if I can help it. Now, I always pack as much as possible into my carry-on bag.


Toiletry Bag




Having a proper toiletry bag is also a must. When you’re as organized and clean as me, having a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, etc. just stuffed in your bag willy nilly is unacceptable. That, and it ensures your clothes won’t get destroyed should something open mid-air. What a disaster that would be. No thanks.


Adaptor – For International Travel


This is something most people forget to even look into when traveling international. Not all outlets in the world are the same. If you’re packing for an international trip, be sure to Google whether or not you’ll need an adaptor. Most hotels have them available these days but they may charge you. It’s best to bring your own. This one here is perfect. Try to avoid buying one in an airport as they’ll cost you a pretty penny.


Portable Clothes Steamer


This is something I just recently started carrying with me but I’ll never get on a plane without it in the future. Maybe one-day hotels will have these available in their rooms but until then, this travel steamer will have to do. It’s ideal when traveling with a suit, tux or dress shirts. If you hate having wrinkly clothes upon arrival, get one of these. They fit into most bags perfectly and are easy to operate.






What are your travel necessities? Superstitions?

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